Sole Water

Have you heard of sole water? What about pink Himalayan salt? I am always dehydrated especially in the warm months. I also have low blood pressure. My doctor told me take a pinch of salt in the morning to help with the dizzy spells. It didn’t help and I found out why. Using regular table salt doesn’t work for me. Pink Himalayan salt does. It is good to use in your diet anyway because of the many minerals in it. Very different from table salt. Let me know your experience with it. 

Check ou the link below for more information. Always talk to your doctor. 

How to make sole water.

Trying To Stay Focus

It was a hard decision, but I had to stop school. I stopped about a year ago. My fibro flares increased due to the stress I was under. I now try to focus on eating better, lowering my stress, taking my vitamins, resting and the many other things I have to do to stay NORMAL. Sorry it’ been so long since I’ve posted. I plan to share more now that my fatigue level is lower. More to come…..


Fibro Fog

How does fibromyalgia affect your brain?images I forgot to take the 2nd part of my exam. Those that know me, know that this is something I don’t normally do. This is not apart of my character. It is soooo frustrating. 😠 I cant make those points up. I have to ace all my future assignments in order to pass. Trying to keep it together. 😦

Tolerable Protein Powder

I have been using Amazing Greens, green powder for a few months. I have been using their protein powder for almost a month and I  like it. I usually don’t do protein powder due to my many allergies & stomach issues. This one doesn’t upset my stomach and I can barely taste it with my frozen fruit. I enjoy drinking my protein smoothie in the morning on the way to work. It’s a good pick me up even on my flare days.

Bittersweet Birthday

Today is my 37th birthday. I feel like I’m 57 (thanks to fibromyalgia), mentally 48, & look about 32. 🙄 In my 37 years I have lost 1 parent, 2 grandparents, 1 sister, cousins, aunts, uncles, & high school friends. The loved ones that are still here make my day great, but there is some bitterness in not getting those calls from those that are no longer here.

So, I  challenge you to show the one’s you love how you feel and spend some time with them if you can. Your positive presence is the best gift. Have a happy & joyous day all.

Eat Your Water?

You always hear about how many glasses of water you should drink a day. Did you know that you can eat your water? Below is a list of foods you can eat to get your water intake & electrolytes.

Coconut water
Bell peppers
Citrus fruit

Fibro Flare

Today I  have a mild flare that pushes me to use my cane. The good thing is that I  am in a good mood and my energy level is normal not fatigued. There are many Fibro Warriors that have it worse than me, & I am always thankful that I still have my independence and ability to work. We are blessed in sooo many ways. Spreading strength & love this Friday.