Fibro Flare

For the past week I’ve been in a flare. I think its due to the weather. You can never tell with  fibromyalgia.

What is a flare like? My nerves are constantly active and I occasionally have high levels of pain that seems to come out of nowhere. I’ve been drowsy, tired and I try to balance my tasks. Hopefully, this flare will end soon. My flares are never the same and they never last the same amount of time. It is very very sporadic. Even now, as I am typing this, my energy level is going down. So, I will leave you all with this….

“If you come across someone with a bad attitude, don’t take it personal. Be kind. They may be in major pain that you cannot see. Sometimes the pain takes over personality. Sometimes returned kindness can bring them back to their normal self, even if it is for a brief moment during their time of pain. Spread love.” – R. C. Bird

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