Fibro Fog

How does fibromyalgia affect your brain?images I forgot to take the 2nd part of my exam. Those that know me, know that this is something I don’t normally do. This is not apart of my character. It is soooo frustrating. 😠 I cant make those points up. I have to ace all my future assignments in order to pass. Trying to keep it together. 😦

Tolerable Protein Powder

I have been using Amazing Greens, green powder for a few months. I have been using their protein powder for almost a month and I  like it. I usually don’t do protein powder due to my many allergies & stomach issues. This one doesn’t upset my stomach and I can barely taste it with my frozen fruit. I enjoy drinking my protein smoothie in the morning on the way to work. It’s a good pick me up even on my flare days.

Fibro Flare

Today I  have a mild flare that pushes me to use my cane. The good thing is that I  am in a good mood and my energy level is normal not fatigued. There are many Fibro Warriors that have it worse than me, & I am always thankful that I still have my independence and ability to work. We are blessed in sooo many ways. Spreading strength & love this Friday.


Dog Therapy

Have you ever heard that people with dogs live longer? Have you heard of dog therapy?Dog therapy is one of the treatments some fibromyalgia warriors do to help them feel better. I was blessed enough to get me a little morkie (Maltese mixed with Yorkie) last year.  He helps me take the focus off my pain at times. He has so much personality to be so little. I posted a picture below.


Yes, he is a teacup dog and he is not going to get any bigger. Yes, this is really my dog. He’s not a stuffed toy. 🙂


Fibro Flare

For the past week I’ve been in a flare. I think its due to the weather. You can never tell with  fibromyalgia.

What is a flare like? My nerves are constantly active and I occasionally have high levels of pain that seems to come out of nowhere. I’ve been drowsy, tired and I try to balance my tasks. Hopefully, this flare will end soon. My flares are never the same and they never last the same amount of time. It is very very sporadic. Even now, as I am typing this, my energy level is going down. So, I will leave you all with this….

“If you come across someone with a bad attitude, don’t take it personal. Be kind. They may be in major pain that you cannot see. Sometimes the pain takes over personality. Sometimes returned kindness can bring them back to their normal self, even if it is for a brief moment during their time of pain. Spread love.” – R. C. Bird