What!!! A Gel That Works!!!

I have been using gorilla wax & gorilla snot gel lately. I forgot how great it is. If I put oil in my hair, I won’t have any flakes. I have high maintenance hair. If it works for me, it should work for most. I also use aloe vera gel as a touch up if needed. Hair



Eye lashes

I’ve always had naturally thick eyelashes and eyebrows. I’ve only used mascara 3 times in my life(senior pictures, prom, & my wedding day). In other words I don’t do makeup. I noticed that my eye lashes has been looking dull.


My mother said she was looking to have her eyelashes grow as well. I went on you tube and found a natural mascara to help improve your lashes.

Using castor oil, vitamin email, & aloe Vera, I mixed them and it in an empty mascara bottle. I bought all products from Amazon. The link to the YouTube video is on my hair page Hair

Below is the result after a few weeks.


It may be hard to see in the picture but my lashes are almost back to normal for me. I also take hairfinity vitamins that not only grows my hair but also my eyelashes. My goal was achieved with thus mixture. My lashes look thicker and more nourished than before. I will post another update later.

Please let me know if you have any natural methods.



I love aphogee hair products. It’s the best to stop hair breakage. Photos will be posted soon..






I have used hairfinity for years. I often get sick of my hair and cut it short. When I decide to grow it out and it gets to an awkward length, I use hairfinfity to speed up my hair growth. When use hairfinity, my hair grows about an extra 1/2 inch a month. Notice I said when use it. Everyone will not have the same results. The price is pretty high for vitamins but it works. If  my budget is tight I take one pill a day instead of 2. It does make my hair stronger and healthier as well. Check out the link on the hair page. Click here hairfinity

This is what the bottle looks like. Feel free to share your experience.


Effortless Hair Message

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia five years ago. I was already doing my hair before I was diagnosed. The repetition of doing my hair was taking its toll on my hands. My hands will sometimes cramp up. To help me with washing my hair, I purchased the scalp massage shampoo brush from Amazon. I love it!!! It’s water proof, and it definitely massages your scalp for you. I think you can put shampoo in the brush, but I’ve never tried it. I bought it for the head massage and stimulating of the follicles.  It’s made by Vitagoods and it doesn’t cost between $15 – $25. The photo is below.  Do a search and check it out.