Gluten free cupcakes

I made a batch of gluten free cupcakes for my family today. I never thought they would be begging me to make GLUTEN free cupcakes. They taste sooo ooo good. They love Pamela’s the best.

For those who don’t know,…gluten free doesn’t mean sugar free.

Replace chips

If you are like me. Can’t eat chips. Can’t have a lot of salt, sugar, or aspartame, try these. These sweet potatoe chips exstinguishes my craving for chips. Of course this doesn’t mean you can eat them everyday, but it is a good occasional snack. The brand is called TERRA.


What!!! A Gel That Works!!!

I have been using gorilla wax & gorilla snot gel lately. I forgot how great it is. If I put oil in my hair, I won’t have any flakes. I have high maintenance hair. If it works for me, it should work for most. I also use aloe vera gel as a touch up if needed. Hair



Remembering An Artist

I’ve had this bag I think since 2005. I decided to take it out of my closet and use it. People have been commenting on it and asking where I bought it. I bought it from the official Aaliyah site years ago. The proceeds went to research for a cure for cancer  but they no longer sale them.

When the weather finally breaks in the summer, I get in an Aaliyah mood. I do miss my girl from my hometown Detroit. Playing her music when its warm gets me in that summer mood (Rock The Boat). I don’t have 1 favorite song. I have many. Please comment and post your favorite Aaliyah song or songs.

If you don’t know who she is, or never heard her music, please go on YouTube and look her up.

You can go to to make a donation to the Aaliyah memorial fund.